Bonsai Innovative Co., Ltd has started by the group of IT Hospitality Professional, most of management and  staff had experience of IT more than 19 years, with global brand in this world. 

          From End user to IT provider, we’re empowering experience in every segment of business management, cost saving, business requirement. Especially in segment of IT consultant and specialist, we’re providing the best solutions and the most efficiency for your business   

          In the name of  “Bonsai Innovative”, the history look similar with this the large tree that has long experience, and we combined global professional to consultant in our company, we delivered the best solutions and provide consultant to our clients. 

​         Bonsai Innovative is the leader of IT consultant and services provider. 

What we do?

         We provide consultant services and IT systems integrator as one stop services for your business. 

         For enterprise solutions & small business in SEA. The solutions provide by trust global brand product with support & warranty. 

         We’re partner of global product such as Samsung, HPE, Aruba, Dell, CISCO, Microsoft, VMware, Symantec, Veeam,  Ruckus, KABA, Saflok, Websense etc. 

         We also provide services support 24x7 for our clients with multilingual by our professional team